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    Lakengren News by Janet Davis

    Neighbors, fellow club members, acquaintances, and even Lakengren folks who do not know me, you are my eyes and ears of the community.  Do not presume I know all the details of a particular event or upcoming meeting, that I know your grandson  graduated with a Ph.D. last month, or you have 50 tomato plants in your garden with a gazillion buds on them; you have to share this good news in order for others to learn of your good fortune. 

    Kids Fishing Derby

    Each year, right before Father’s Day, the Annual Kids Fishing Tournament is held at Hammer Lake in Lakengren.  There have been rainy, cloudy, sunny and dry tournaments sponsored by the Marine & Lakes Management Committee and assisted monetarily by the Dragons Club.  No matter the weather, the kids are there, and this year was no exception.  Twenty-eight fisherkids from ages 3 to 12 years old had an exceedingly great time putting those little meal worms on the hook, and waiting patiently until the bobber jiggled a little.  Alice Forte, who has been Fishing Derby monitor for several years, states they call it a weigh-in, just like the big guys do, but they really just count the fish and record the number.  The happy winners this year were:  1st – Kylee Phenis with 28 fish, 2nd – Libby Weimer with 20 fish, 3rd – Nathan King with 16 fish, 4th – Abbi Whitesell with 12 fish, and a tie for 5th – Destiny Lovett and Jacob Erbaugh with 11 fish. 

    Prestigious Ceremony

    Earlier in June, to be exact it was the 6th, the Lakengren Women’s Club met for a luncheon at the new Marina Club House.  Everyone brought something to share for the feast table.  There were salads, casseroles, huge green salads with fun fixings like pecans and dried cranberries, aspics, and then there were the desserts.  Now these ladies have had lots of practice over the years baking and preparing desserts for bake sales and dinners at the lodge.  Well, they out did themselves on this day because it was a very special occasion – the installation of new club officers for next year.  Gladys Myers, who has performed this classy event for as long as I can remember, never lets the club down.  With poise and pizzazz, she installed Jo Ann Hoffman, president; Cheryl Taylor, vice president; Sue Pohlabel, Treasurer; Jan Weaver, Assistant Treasurer; Connie Moore, Secretary, and Phyllis Teaford, Assistant Secretary.  Each received a bouquet denoting the color of their office with an explanation of their duties.  Soon this group will be meeting to make plans for the monthly special events which will begin in September and run through August of next year.

    Boat Poker Run

    If your pontoon boat is running and is all gassed up, you are in business.  The annual event is usually held on the same day as the fireworks, and this year, it’s a little earlier than usual.  At noon on June 30, you just putt putt over to the marina where you register and receive the instructions of how the event takes place, selecting your first card. At the next stop, you select another playing card, and it is recorded for posterity, and so on.  The last stop is usually the Valhalla Lodge, where the calculations are compiled and the winner with the highest hand benefits.  Usually you are finished by 3:00 p.m., so you still have time to return home, or just stay at the lodge for lunch.  All proceeds benefit the community state the Christmas Lights Committee.  Be sure to have someone advise us of the winner and what will be benefited by this windfall. 

    Have a Happy & Safe Patriotic Celebration

    By the time you read this, Lakengren Drive will be closed over the dam (at noon on June 30) for the set-up of the pyrotechnics for the fireworks display.  Also, the Lakengren Board of Trustees issued a “No Wake” for the entire lake beginning at 7:00 p.m.  Whether you will be driving a vehicle or a boat, please use safety and precaution for your special Independence Day whether you celebrate it on the weekend or on the Traditional July 4th.